Meditation upon the Magnificat : Luke 1:46 – 55

Telling Stories

When I read the Magnificat ( Lk 1: 46-55 ) I try to think of what I can praise God for as I read; what He has done for me, how He has helped me, how He has provided for me…

Mary’s life cannot have been easy; it was full of danger, isolation and sadness but she could still praise God for all the good things.

We can read her words, learn her story from the Bible, be encouraged and inspired by her life. But we all have stories…

One of the things the Bishop said to us, in his addresses to us for Pentecost, was about sharing stories.

He said that it is by telling our own unique stories that we learn what links us.

And it is by talking about our journeys as Christians, that we can inspire and encourage each other.

But it is more than this even. How easy is it for you to tell your story – the uncensored version with all the struggles and failures left in?

It is often a difficult thing to do because when we tell our stories we have to open up some dark places and some old wounds and this makes us vulnerable.

But when we do tell our stories, and find that others have struggled and overcome, we are brought closer together, we are enabled to learn to trust each other, we are healed. Then we are stronger as a group, a family, and are more able to take risks and try new things to reach out to the strangers around us.

Also we become more loving and caring of each other, understanding each other’s needs and supporting one another.

And so then we are able to reach out to others around us and help strangers become friends and friends become part of our family: the body of Christ.

So lets start telling stories!

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