A lesson in generosity

Over the past two months I have been mulling over what it means to be generous. I wouldn’t say that I am a generous person. Kind sometimes sure, but not generous. It is an area that I feel the Lord has been challenging me. Would I freely give of my resource, time or talents without expecting anything in return?

I have been reading Living the Christian Year by Bobby Gross as a devotional, and over the past weeks have been learning more about hospitality and generosity. This quote gave some perspective to the perfect generosity:

God is generous. He gives us his image in our very being. He gives us the bounty of creation to sustain our lives. He gives us himself in the incarnation of the Word. He gives us redemption through the sacrifice of his Son. He gives us his very Spirit to indwell us. He gives us the promise of resurrection and life forever in his presence.

What is our response to such incalculable grace?

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