Worship of God and service to one another are integral to people at St John’s. The liturgical worship incorporates community, hospitality, ritual and celebration. This worship is lived out through the week through various activities and organisations of the congregation.

Enjoying tea after service in the hall

Care for people is at the heart of the community of St John’s. Looking after one another, monthly home calls and house communions are part of the life of St John’s. A pastoral care team visit the elderly and the vulnerable. Outreach to the Royal Cornhill Psychiatric Hospital is also part of the church’s weekly mission.

Events include:

Fairtrade Cafe
Weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 10:00am at St. Johns.

Bible Study Group
The Bible study group continues to meet on the 3rd or the 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm at various locations. This is only part of the journey we all make at our own pace towards the mystery of God. Your very presence could make it possible, so, venture out if you had been hesitant.

St John’s Walkers
Our last walk to Potarch was a wonderful one and suggestions for the future walks are welcome. Contact Tom on 07960263920.

Church Gardening
A busy year lies ahead as some transplanting will have to take place as improvements are made to the cloister and hall. The group has completed the process of transplanting shrubs and bushes from the area for developm
ent to the main garden. We have also been busy ensuring the plants get watered sufficiently during the recent dry spell. Further dates will be arranged thereafter.

Deeside Choristers
The Deeside Choristers sang at St. John’s on 2nd October which was uplifting and inspiring to the audience present.

K2 Fellowship
Our last K2 meal to Bollywood Tandoori was a delightful experience for all who took part. Please call/text Tony on 07828821869 if you wish to join us for the next meal.

Congregation Retreat
The retreat to Arbroath Abbey was a wonderful time of reflection with opportunities to worship in prayer, walking, artistic expression and simply be in the presence of God. The church hopes to have another retreat next spring.