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Peace & London Marathon

Today many take part in London Marathon.  This event has come to symbolise the essential goodness of humanity in caring for one another and serving the needy.  This goodness is intrinsic to the core values of this nation rooted and grounded in Faith, traditionally and primarily Christian.  We rejoice and give thanks for that Faith and the Faiths of many who will take part in this event.

In the wake of the experience in Boston on Monday, we pray for the safety and wellbeing of every participant in the London Marathon.  We also pray that no one will be tempted to cause disruption of any kind – peaceful or otherwise.

The experience of Boston had revealed the greatness of humanity in the face of human sin and evil.  We remember in prayer with thanksgiving all those who courageously completed the course of marathon, those who responded with dedication and efficiency from the emergency services.  We give thanks for the wise leadership of President Obama and his team in the face of impulsive claims of human weakness.  We pray for those journalists who chose and maintained integrity and patience over impulse and short term gain.

Fostering fear remains the business of some while most chose courage in the face of adversity.  We thank God for all who choose courage over fear; love over hate, peace over conflict and life over death.  Fear, hate, conflict and death will be defeated by courage, love, peace and life.  Therefore, with confidence we join St Paul and say, ‘O death, where is your sting!’.

Affirming our humanity and life at Easter 

The resolve to follow Christ and celebrate his gift of Life at Easter is stronger this year than ever before.

This resolution is firmly grounded in the solidarity expressed by many friends from around the world, people of Faith and none.  There has been a steady flow of letters and emails from many parts of the world to say that what had happened at St John’s in Aberdeen, Scotland is of significance to the welfare of humanity and for the good of our world.  This affirmation has made us ask you our friends to continue to hold us in your thoughts and prayer so that we may continue to the good work.

Hospitality had been the watchword at St John’s since its conception some three hundred years back, when this little flock faced hostility.  Sustained persecution for its first hundred years of existence made it resolute in its resolve to pray for forgiveness and proclaim liberty and peace.  It is impossible to change that resolution in the face of renewed hostility now.  On the contrary, the community at St John’s is resolved now more than ever, because of our many friends around the world who wish us to continue.

Restoration and affirmation of every human being is the essence of religions.  Selfishness and fear corrupts that essence of religion.  While we seek to resist selfishness and overcome fear, we can not do by our own strength and ability.  We therefore ask you to pray and continue to keep us in your thoughts.

Please call on us if you are a guest to Aberdeen.  God bless you.  We wish you the promise of the Risen Christ.  Fear not!  Peace be with you!!

12 thoughts on “News

  1. David Edwards

    Having read the article on the BBC website about your allowing Muslim worshippers to share your facilities and it filled me with hope for the future and shows the best of human values in practice. Well done you.

  2. Liz

    One simple act of kindness, yet such a giant leap in Religious understanding, well done all of you,

  3. angela barker

    I am a non Muslim and not a churchgoer but it made me proud to be British when I saw the news this morning – a small change of attitude can lead to big things…wonderful…

  4. John Ledger, near Huntly Aberdeenshire

    As a non-believer but as a person who is full of admiration for those who genuinely apply the principals of Christianity to their daily lives I found this perhaps the most hopeful story of the week. Well done to the Minister and the congregation. I wish I could share your faith and wish you all well.

  5. Avril Loveless

    The item on the BBC news was the best news of Easter Sunday for me. Your community has demonstrated a deep understanding of loving our neighbours. We pray for you all.

  6. Steve

    As a non believer I just wanted to to come on here and find out more about your church having read the BBC website article. I was raised CofE and your actions show real Christian values, Thank you for helping your own community, if more acted like your congregation then the world would be a better place

  7. Graham Martin

    I’ve just read the article on the BBC website about your allowing Muslim worshippers to share your facilities, how wonderful you all are.

  8. Louise

    When we saw the news story on the BBC this week the only thing I felt was a great pride that it had been a Scottish church that had extended the arm of friendship to fellow human beings in a time of need. There is a phrase used in Glasgow (and presumably the rest of the country) “we;re all Jock Tamson’s bairns” and even though I’m a devout agnostic my feeling would be one God – many names. Jesus would approve!

  9. Imran Choudhury

    Hello there. I’m a reporter from the Eastern Eye newspaper. I’ve seen stories about the inspirational work you have done to let Muslims pray in your church. It would be great if i could ask you some questions for a similiar story in Eastern Eye.

    If it’s possible to speak with Reverend Isaac Poobalan sometime on Monday (8) or Tuesday (9) that would be great.

  10. Mick Craig

    A little slow off the mark, but I wanted to congratulate you on your extraordinary act of humanity in allowing worshipers from your local Muslim community to use space in your church for worship.
    I’m an atheist myself, but have always had great respect for people who embrace what I was taught as a child are traditional Christian values. Increasingly the role of religion in the world seems to be to promote divisiveness, prejudice and fear. It is wonderful to see someone like yourself promoting harmony and understanding. I think what you have done is marvelous.

    Well done

  11. Paul

    Congratulations; a Christian act that welcomes a future which could harbour peace and cooperation rather than hatred and pain.
    Look to the history of Toledo, Spain, where those of Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths came to interact and even reconsecrate a Mosque as a Christian church dedicated to Mohammed.The Reverend Isaac Poobalan should be encouraged as a preacher whose beliefs are reflected in his actions.

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